• Western Residential Compounds
  • Stand-alone residential Projects
  • Asset Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Inception to Completion (Projects)
  • Operations, Leasing & Marketing
  • JV’s and Mergers

Operations & Marketing:

  • Marketing strategy for the asset
  • Explore the corporate sector to lease the asset
  • Increase the income and value of the asset
  • Undertake the brand management of the asset
  • International acquisition and disposition (UK – East Asia – KSA – Africa)


  • Pricing based on supply and demand analysis
  • Analysis against the units sizes
  • Market trend against the competitors
  • Advisory role on space optimization against the market saturation
  • Benchmarking long term retainer

Asset Sustenance:

  • Asset life cycle management
  • Longevity of asset: fixture, fittings and equipment (FFE)
  • Cost reductions against the CAPEX expenditure
  • Cap further cost on the asset depreciation


  • Optimize all maintenance operating costs
  • Reducing replacement & repairs
  • Cost enhanced operating strategies and bench-marking


  • Recruitment in-house & outsourced, evaluation & appraisal
  • Security Services both asset and personal
  • Cleaning & Catering
  • Help Desk/Concierge/Call Center/Centralized communication services
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance &Reactive Maintenance
  • Waste Management: Waste disposal, Sewage, Septic & Irrigational management
  • Transportation services: School and shopping

Service Level Agreement:

  • Creation and maintenance of contractor records including associated trades, notification methods, effective periods and labor rates
  • Creation and maintenance of service agreements for specific contractors
  • Recording of actual payment amounts received against forecast amounts
  • Measurement, monitoring and analysis of contractor performance of SLA and KPI (key performance indicator)
  • Creation and maintenance of selling rates for specific operatives (service-provider functionality)
  • Service level agreements – creation and maintenance of comparison times and criteria for availability, repair and response categories
  • Payment processing for contractors

Risk & Loss Prevention :

  • Recording of risk assessments and condition surveys.
  • Auditing of potential environmental and health and safety issues
  • Planned maintenance schedules to keep equipment fully operational
  • Periodic pollution analysis to minimize environmental imp
  • Checking the suitability of equipment – establishing and utilizing the correct test and inspection schedules
  • Reporting on health and safety incidents, preventative actions and corrections
  • Updating assessments whenever there is an internal change (i.e. purchasing of new equipment, employing new members of staff, implementing and updating new working practices)

Help-Desk Functions:

  • Processing of requests for maintenance and services from phone, email, fax, web or networked users by way of capturing request details, validating, scheduling and dispatching work separately.
  • Capture and processing of information including: location details, service history, maintenance contracts and service level agreements
  • Production of scheduled work and handling of automatic notification (fax, email, print, text message) to the relevant service providers or stakeholders
  • Prioritization of tasks, depending on criticality and SLA targets
  • Identification of repeat calls and alerting the helpdesk operator about unresolved urgent calls
  • Requisition of stock and processing of purchase orders, invoices and payments

Audit & Schedules:

  • Provision of visual calendar tools to provide views of forthcoming planned activities
  • Classification of service activity categories (not relating to any specific piece of equipment) and further sub-levels of detail such as per work types
  • Creation and maintenance of schedules for services
  • Assigning of contractor/operatives to each service schedule, thus allowing notification via the contractor/operative’s selected notification method

HSE & Security:

  • HSE and Security Services which will provide with a safe and secure environment that is cost-effective providing support.
  • Fire Life and Safety (FLS) programs within the property to ensure compliance with all applicable local laws, regulations and standards concerning fire and life safety
  • Security (CCTV, Pneumatic Road Blockers, Sliding Doors, Spikes, Main Gate Barriers, Infra Red Beams, Security glass film, Emergency Siren System).
  • Ensure all facilities are in compliance with civil defense and other regulatory bodies etc., including testing water systems, fire systems, cradle systems, A/C systems etc).



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